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GRAEF provided the City of Neenah with a comprehensive, all-in-one asset management application called, InfiniteGIS. Water utility data was extracted from the city’s existing ArcGIS online system managed by another consultant. Historical maintenance activity, including water meter exchanges and inventories was converted from Cartegraph. Base parcel layers are read directly from city GIS servers ensuring that field staff always have the most current information available to them. Topographic and ortho photography layers are read from county servers. Reading data on-demand from their authoritative agencies reduces data maintenance costs to the city and provides the latest information to users of InfiniteGIS.

GRAEF worked with water utility staff and managers to create the tools needed that significantly reduce the time required to track maintenance activity. With InfiniteGIS, the City of Neenah was able to replace ArcGIS on-line and a highly customized Cartegraph asset management database. Additional cost savings was realized by not renewing those license fees.

Water utility staff now use InfiniteGIS in the field with tablets to record inspections, hydrant flow tests, water meter exchanges and repair activity including material, labor and equipment costs. The city has also incorporated the use of Bluetooth connected scanners to scan barcodes for data entry in when performing water meter exchanges. Billing staff and managers in the office have instant access to updated records created by staff in the field to invoice customers and prepare reports required by oversight agencies. City staff is maintaining and updating their water utility infrastructure data within InfiniteGIS, further reducing their reliance on a consultant to maintain GIS for them.

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