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GIS Services and Online Asset Management Implementation

GRAEF staff have been the GIS consultant for the Village of Chetek for over 18 years. GRAEF has assisted the City with all GIS related activities, including inventories, mapping, map production, data management and more. GRAEF migrated all of the city’s GIS data to InfiniteGIS, an interactive, web-based GIS application built on industry standard technology. InfiniteGIS provides secure access to GIS data for all staff from any where, on any device, at any time without additional software licensing. Chetek uses InfiniteGIS to manage sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water distribution, street trees, street signage, airport hangers, garbage collection, building permitting/variances, police/fire databases, inventory, maintenance needs and visualize all of it in an interactive map with one easy to use system.

Public works staff now uses InfiniteGIS to find detailed information about infrastructure in the field and record inspections without going into the office to access paper records or GIS on a desktop computer. Office staff has access to the city’s GIS data as needed for their day to day operations as they are performing tasks anywhere in the City. Data is exported from their water billing software for use in the system on a monthly basis.

City staff can edit the GIS layers to keep them updated. Furthermore, if needed, the GIS data can be accessed with desktop GIS software for advanced analysis and editing functions. Base map layers are automatically updated by their authoritative agencies reducing data maintenance costs to the city and providing the latest information available to users of InfiniteGIS.

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GIS Services and Online Asset Management Implementation

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