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Reinventing Structural Engineering

GRAEFaccelerāte® is a set of integrated BIM workflows using Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Advance Steel®, which allow structural designs to be produced concurrently with construction documents saving projects weeks if not months in total construction time.

The GRAEFaccelerāte® process brings formerly separate structural-engineering processes, performed by different subcontractors that each required a separate model, under one roof and a single model.

GRAEF performs all of these roles in-house. Our structural engineers create a single model that the engineer, detailer, and connection designer all work on at the same time. The resulting design process is much faster, saving a couple of weeks to three months depending on the scale of the project.

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Mike Vogel

PE, SE, Principal, GRAEFaccelerāte® Lead
To discover more about GRAEFaccelerāte®, you can reach Mike Vogel at 414 / 259 1500 and via email at

Accelerate your construction schedule, save money and reduce your risk!


Accelerated Schedule

By developing the model during the design process it yields a schedule compression that allows us to submit approved steel shop drawings with the completed construction drawings which will save weeks to months on a typical construction schedule.


Cost Savings

Early steel procurement will allow the project to save at least 10% of the cost of the steel due to purchasing it much earlier in the process and allowing more steel fabricators to bid on projects.


Reduced Risk

This allows for increased efficiency and coordination by developing a single model that the structural engineer, detailer and connection designer build at the same time as well as concurrent with the typical A/E design process. This level of coordination basically eliminates the need for structural steel RFIs.

Testimonials & Success Stories

Rise of the Super Engineers

"GRAEF is used to being at the forefront of innovation. Over a decade ago, this Wisconsin-based full-service firm was one of the first structural engineering companies in the US to adopt BIM."


Accelerated Construction Ethos

"The contractor couldn't move forward because it couldn't get the steel to the site quickly enough. The project manager came to us and said, 'We should be able to fix this process."