We Energies Gas Lateral - Ixonia to Brookfield and Germantown

We Energies Gas Lateral - Ixonia to Brookfield and Germantown

The Wisconsin Gas Lateral connects the terminus of the Guardian Pipeline near Ixonia with existing distribution facilities in Brookfield and Germantown, bringing natural gas from the Midwest market hub in Chicago to a large area of southeastern Wisconsin. Planning and construction of the 34-mile gas lateral took four years to complete. During that time, GRAEF worked closely with Gulf Interstate Engineering, the design engineer for the project, and We Energies providing surveying, engineering and environmental services.

GRAEF survey crews staked the entire alignment including centerline, permanent easements and temporary easements for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to conduct a walk-through in order to accept the alignment. GRAEF prepared legal descriptions for easements, special exhibits for pipe yards and access roads, site development plans for meter stations, and K plats to be used in condemnation proceedings.

  • More than 300 control points were established for the project and more than 20,000 topographic points collected within the project limits.
  • The project approach required the use of up to six GPS receivers along more than two-thirds of the project route with suitable terrain for GPS applications. Wooded areas were surveyed using conventional total station methods. All-terrain vehicles were used to access many portions of the project corridor.
  • GRAEF staffed this project with over 20 surveyors and technicians to meet the client's demands and aggressive schedule.

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David Koslo

David Koslo

Practice Area Leader - Survey

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