Common Council Approves Plan South Milwaukee Moves Forward with Downtown Streetscaping Plan


The City of South Milwaukee is moving forward with a downtown streetscaping plan that was designed by GRAEF.

The plan to provide upgrades to sidewalks, lighting and decorative features was approved by the South Milwaukee Common Council on March 5. The council will now advertise for contractors for the project.

GRAEF is providing the planning, landscape architecture and the civil, transportation and electrical engineering for the improvements along Milwaukee Avenue.

The upgrades will include new LED lighting, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, traffic signals, benches, planters, and 74 trees along the avenue.

The city has budgeted $1.8 million for the work.

“The approval of the plan and the decision to go to bids is a significant and exciting step as we continue our work to revitalize Milwaukee Avenue and bring new life to our city center,” said South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks. “The city is making a real investment downtown, and it could not have happened without a partner like GRAEF. It started with our work with GRAEF on our comprehensive and downtown plan in 2016. To see a key part of that plan come to life in this way is really exciting. The streetscaping plan itself is a winner. It makes the most of limited funds to combine functionality and aesthetics to make a real improvement on four blocks of our Main Street.”