Pete Johnston PE, LEED AP

Office Leader - Chicago O'Hare, Senior Transportation Engineer 

As the Chicago O'Hare Office Leader, as well as a project manager on multi-disciplined transportation design projects, it’s important to ensure team members get timely and critical design information. Whether it’s conveying information provided by a client or subconsultant, I cannot afford to let team members be uninformed. This effort requires a certain amount of multi-tasking, as well as an awareness of critical submittal dates.

Fun Fact: My wife and I have twin boys, and I am also a twin. My boys are fraternal, whereas I am an identical twin. I exercise by biking and swimming, as my hips can’t handle the repetitive impact that my prior activities of running and basketball caused.

Pete Johnston PE is registered in IL. 

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Carl Sandberg Field

Carl Sandburg High School Baseball Field

Green Bay Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

CDOT Green Bay Avenue

I-90 Westbound

IDOT I-90 Westbound

IL 132 Grand Avenue CEI

IDOT I-132 Grand Avenue Construction Management

Construction 90-Inch Hot Tap Header

IDOT I-90 Hot Tap

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