Pat Kressin featured on Talk 92.7 FM Madison Growing Momentum in Westown

In a new radio interview and podcast about Wisconsin commercial real estate development news, GRAEF Vice President Pat Kressin discusses the company’s move to The Avenue in downtown Milwaukee.

Kressin was the featured guest of Kevin Harwood, host of the “Development Matters,” radio program and podcast that recently aired on radio stations FM 92.7 and WTTN 1580 in Madison and FM 101.7 in Milwaukee.

Kressin outlined the reasons GRAEF decided to move its headquarters downtown, emphasizing the close proximity to urban amenities.

“For us, it was really about employee recruitment and retention, and it’s so competitive for us to make sure we have the best and the brightest employees,” Kressin said. “A lot of the employees that we’re looking at today are looking for these other amenities. They’re looking to be in places or buildings that have other things to do, whether, that’s a fitness center, restaurants, all these different things …. And The Avenue gives us the ability to have all this all within walking distance.”

He also noted the growing momentum in Milwaukee’s Westown neighborhood.

To hear the interview, visit Talk 927 FM