Larry Witzling PhD, AIA, PLA

Senior Planner

I always liked mazes, riddles and geometric puzzles. I also love public places and cities. These two passions sum up how I start a plan. These two challenges are never isolated, nor can they be met without a high-performance team. Planning is collaborative, requiring strong communities, talented designers and solid resources. The planning process begins with a good idea that can come from different people or disciplines — citizens, leaders, colleagues, history, art and science. That good idea must be tested continually and revised with skill, knowledge and occasional wisdom.

Fun Fact: I grew up in a unique area of midtown Manhattan called Stuyvesant Town. In our fifth floor apartment, I built houses out of small blocks for my Lionel trains while subway trains ran under our street. At age 7, I asked my mother who made real buildings. She answered, "architects," and this launched my career in architecture and urban planning. Meanwhile, the Lionel trains keep running in our basement.

Larry Witzling PLA is registered in WI.

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