Joe Packhem PE

Market Team Leader - Utilities 

I have experience in commercial building design, façade inspections, forensic investigation, and historic building renovations/repair. In the industrial area, I have designed cranes, deep foundations, pipe supports, thrust blocks, generator plants, geothermal pumping stations, portable water pumping stations, and performed condition assessment reports. Providing potable water to cities, steam and chilled water to hospitals, power generation, geothermal, and data centers excites me.

I strive to succeed through communication and attention to detail. I enjoy building relationships and partnering with other firms to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Fun Fact: While in England for the European Society for Engineering Education conference, my wife and I got separated on the tube. Luckily, we found each other at the next station!

Joe Packhem PE is registered in WI. 

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Komatsu South Harbor Campus - Milwaukee

Komatsu South Harbor Campus

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