East Grace Bay

East Grace Bay

Coastal Design and Engineering, a GRAEF company, completed the final beach restoration plans and design for a one‐mile beach nourishment project and four T-head groins. The design was based on an alternative analysis and evaluation of sediment quality and quantities that maximized beach quality material for placement. The final design maximizes project longevity, minimizes adverse impacts to biological resources and maximizes economic benefits for the upland properties. The project is located in close proximity to some of the world’s most vibrant coral reef systems which created a challenge in the project design. Phase 1 construction of the project was completed in February 2008 and resulted in the placement of 170,000 CY of beachfill and one T-head groin. In spite of three hurricanes impacting the project area since construction (Hurricanes Hanna and Ike in 2008 and Irene in 2011), the beach has performed better than predicted by the numerical models in terms of sand longevity and updrift shoreline influence. Shoreline recession has remained low to stable with sand loss rates lower than historical averages. Based on the annual performance monitoring, two groins updrift of the Phase 1 constructed groin can be eliminated. The single Thead groin designed downdrift of the Phase 1 constructed groin is required with Phase 2 construction.


Key Project Elements:

• Project Planning, Coastal Analysis and Design
• Hydrographic and Beach Profile Surveys
• Geotechnical Investigations and Biotic Mapping
• Acquired all Government Permits
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Monitoring and Mitigation Plans
• Turbidity Monitoring
• Development of Construction Plans and Specifications
• Construction Administration Services
• Post-Construction Performance Monitoring

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Karyn Erickson

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