Daily Reporter recognizes challenges and team. Best In Show Honors for the Milwaukee Intermodal Station Team!

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"In keeping with their normal practice, the six judges enlisted for [the] 2016 contest looked closely at each of the 46 projects that received award this year. As is almost always true, the competition was fierce this time around, as evidenced by the fact that four projects tied for second place. But once the votes were tallied, it was clear on Top Project stood out from the others...MIlwaukee's Intermodal Station." ~ The Daily Reporter

GRAEF proudly provided engineering services for the renovation of Milwaukee's Intermodal Station. Working closely with team members, J.P. Cullen, Hanno Weber & Associates, Alfred Benesch & Complany, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we dodged trains and buses, secured debris during demolition, and found ways to get 130-foot long trusses into the building and in-place - between train arrivals and departures. The awarding publication, The Daily Reporter, notes that "Despite the headaches, crews can now look back on the project with pride. What started as a 50-year-old dark and dingy station is now a new, bright train concourse that federal, state, and local officials are proud to have as an entryway to Milwaukee."