Ambergris Cay

Ambergris Cay

Erickson Consulting Engineers (ECE), a GRAEF company, designed a phased approach for the development of the Ambergris Marina. Phase 1 was designed to restore the navigability of the entrance channel and “beautify” the marina by excavating the salt flats to provide circulation as well as provide a tidal connection between the marina basin and the entrance channel to promote flushing. Phase 2 called for the full scale development of the marina to create a fully functional and navigable marina for use by vessels up to 125 ft LOA. Dredged material was designed for land reclamation use to support a mix of development (residential, multi-family residential and commercial). Ultimately, ECE developed a plan which is sensitive to and blends with the islands physical, environmental and cultural heritage of the island.


Key Project Elements:

• Topogrpahic and Hydrographic Surveys
• Geotechnical Investigations (core borings and vibracores)
• Marine Biological Mapping
• Water Quality Testing & Analysis
• Marina Market Analysis
• Marina Planning and Feasibility Analysis
• Dredge and Land Reclamation Design
• Marina Layout and Slip Mix
• Environmental Assessment
• Engineer’s Estimate of Probable Construction Cost

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Ambergris Cay Contact

Karyn Erickson

Karyn Erickson

Office Leader - Sarasota, Turks and Caicos

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