Wendy Schley Named Milwaukee BizTimes Notable Executive Assistant

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Wendy Schley, a GRAEF administrative assistant team member, was named a 2021 BizTimes Notable Executive Assistant. Wendy is among only 21 recipients this year. She has been part of the GRAEF team for over 20 years.

“Wendy demonstrates her commitment to GRAEF and to all of our employees, every day,” said Lori Rosenthal, Vice President and Principal at GRAEF. “She is incredibly deserving of this recognition and we are so proud to have her as a member of our team.”

Wendy's recognition is featured in the Milwaukee BizTimes.

Since 1993, Wendy Schley has been an asset and a positive influence at GRAEF, a Milwaukee-based multi-discipline, engineering, planning and design firm. She always ensures that the firm is productive and well cared for, coworkers say.

They say Schley’s helpful and collaborative working style makes her a trusted and approachable member of the GRAEF team. She often comes in on weekends or stays late to support teammates with complicated invoicing, onboarding employees, planning events, and making sure things are ready for the next business day.

When COVID-19 impacted where staff could work and meet, Schley made sure that everyone was prepared, comfortable and that potential issues were preemptively resolved. She volunteered to safely come into the office to practice/prepare for high-profile meetings so teammates could continue to work safely at home.