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Uriah Wolfe PE, SE, LEED AP

Practice Area Leader - Industrial, Market Team Leader - Industrial

My good days are the ones I meet all of my clients' expectations and I am able to accomplish all of my goals for the day. I like collaborating with people and solving problems. I like to figure out the details of a project.

Fun Fact: I'm a guitar player. I like to rattle my eardrums. I like to plug in my amp and turn it up loud.

Uriah Wolfe PE is registered in WI. Uriah Wolfe SE is registered in IL. 

View Uriah's Projects

Caterpillar Heritage Museum_header

Caterpillar North of Rawson Facility

Komatsu Texas

Komatsu Fabrication Building


Caterpillar Fab Shop

Quad OK Header

Quad/Graphics, Inc. Oklahoma Facility Expansion

Briggs Header

Briggs & Stratton Corporate Office Suite

Aldrich Header

Aldrich Chemical