Wolfe Uriah Cropped

Uriah Wolfe PE, SE, LEED AP

Office Leader - Madison, Structural Engineer

My good days are the ones I meet all of my clients' expectations and I am able to accomplish all of my goals for the day. I like collaborating with people and solving problems. I like to figure out the details of a project.

Fun Fact: I'm a guitar player. I like to rattle my eardrums. I like to plug in my amp and turn it up loud.

Uriah Wolfe PE is registered in WI. Uriah Wolfe SE is registered in IL. 

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Fincantieri Marinette Marine

Fincantieri Marinette Marine Plant Expansion

Komatsu South Harbor Campus - Milwaukee

Komatsu South Harbor Campus

Komatsu Fabrication Building

Komatsu Fabrication Building