South Milwaukee High School Football Field

South Milwaukee High School Field Redevelopment

South Milwaukee High School made upgrades to revitalize its athletic fields, igniting excitement among the district and community. Due to inadequate drainage, suboptimal soil conditions, and the cumulative impact of regular use over the years, renovation efforts were completed on the natural grass fields dedicated to football, baseball, and softball. This effort aims to address these issues and enhance the usability of the fields.

GRAEF provided various services ranging from athletic field design, civil engineering, stormwater management, landscape architecture, and electrical engineering, to surveying. The focus extended beyond surface changes, with the redevelopment of field event areas to enhance meet management and athlete safety while improving drainage.

The initiative to revamp the athletic fields commenced with the renovation of the football field and track. A standout feature was the integration of approximately 133,000 square feet of synthetic black turf, signaling a commitment to durability and performance. Beneath its vibrant exterior lies an environmentally conscious foundation, safeguarding the soil and waterways. The upgrade didn’t just promise aesthetics; it heralded improved drainage, facilitating quicker field recovery, and minimizing flood damage.

The 8-lane track was also resurfaced and modernized and the pole vault area was moved back to the field from its current location in the parking lot. The field will also have a new scoreboard and a wall of fame honoring past athletes. A section of the lawn near the parking lot was regraded to create a dedicated discus event space.

More than football, the cheer, poms, soccer, track and field, band, and physical education classes will all benefit from this redevelopment. Soccer will be able to play at the stadium, poms and cheer will be able to perform there, graduation ceremonies can be held outside, and marching band competitions can take place there. The upper softball diamond and the baseball field will also have artificial turf field installed soon, opening doors to enhanced playability and reduced maintenance.

South Milwaukee High School’s athletic fields underwent a remarkable evolution, not just in appearance but in functionality and adaptability. It’s a testament to progress, embracing innovation to create a hub for sports, arts, and community gatherings.

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South Milwaukee, WI


Project Data

$2.5 Million Project Cost

133,000 SF of Synthetic Turf


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Athletic Field Design

Landscape Architecture

Civil Engineering

Site Survey

Stormwater Design

Electrical Engineering

South Milwaukee High School Field Redevelopment Contacts

Joe Pepitone

Joe Pepitone

Practice Area Leader - Landscape Architecture, Senior Landscape Architect
Ben Langemeier

Ben Langemeier

Civil Engineer