Loei Badreddine Technical Excellence Award

Recognizing Technical Excellence: The Loei Badreddine Technical Excellence Award

At GRAEF, technical excellence is more than just a goal—it's a driving force that motivates us to constantly innovate.  To honor and celebrate team members who consistently advance the firm through their exceptional technical achievements, GRAEF established the prestigious Loei Baddredine Technical Excellence Award. This biannual award recognizes a GRAEF team member who has advanced the firm through engineering achievement and/or by writing or contributing to an article in a published paper and serves as a testament to the remarkable individuals who contribute to the firm's success and help it stay at the forefront of the industry.

Loei was a valued member of the GRAEF team from 1994 until his passing in 2022. He was considered by friends and colleagues to be one of the most creative and highly technical engineers in the industry. He worked on projects throughout the world. Among many others, his most well-known project was the Milwaukee Art Museum Addition, where he was the lead project engineer. He worked closely with world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, on this famous first project in America. This project not only showcased Loei’s individual technical skill and expertise, it brought unparalleled accolades and recognition to our firm.  Loei represented the best of the best when it came to technical engineering excellence.

The criteria for the Loei Badreddine Technical Excellence Award are rigorous and comprehensive. Nominators are asked to highlight the nominee's substantial contributions to technical advancement at GRAEF during the past year. This includes how the individual's efforts have significantly differentiated GRAEF from its competitors and elevated the firm's technical capabilities. Nominators also discuss how the nominee's work has directly contributed to the overall success of the firm.

By bestowing the Loei Badreddine Technical Excellence Award upon deserving individuals, GRAEF emphasizes the importance of technical prowess and innovation within the company. Their recognition serves as an inspiration to the entire GRAEF team, encouraging them to strive for excellence and continue pushing the boundaries of technical achievement.

LBTEA Winners: 

  • Fall 2022: Meghann, Structural Engineer - Madison 
  • Spring 2023: Tyler, Construction Inspector - Milwaukee 
  • Fall 2023: Chris, Landscape Architect - Milwaukee