Jim Lisak PE, LEED AP

Practice Area Leader - Water

Over the course of time, we can see how infrastructure is integral in our lives at supporting our daily needs. We often take for granted the roads and utilities that allow us to have a fully functioning society for work and play. This is evident by the dissatisfaction so many of us feel when our drive on a deteriorating road is uncomfortable or our water main breaks and we can’t take a shower. As a civil engineer, I take great pride in understanding the infrastructure challenges of a project to our clients and how my solutions can help overcome those challenges. Whether the challenge is the project environment, time or funding, we have the opportunity to create an innovative solution that enhances our clients business, is cost-effective and constructible.

Fun Fact: Having had a father in the Navy, I’m an avid reader of military history.

Jim Lisak PE is registered in IL, WI.

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Kinnickinnic River – Pulaski Park

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Kathy’s House

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