Green Bay Outlines Plans for JBS Donated Land on City's East Side

When JBS Foods donated nearly 26 acres of land to Green Bay in April 2021, the city quickly looked into all opportunities for it.

"How can we build a neighborhood from what we've learned in all this time that will build something that works, that can last, that will allow people to thrive?" Green Bay Mayor Chief of Staff Amaad Rivera-Wagner said.

The city is planning to create multiple uses for the undeveloped space between Wal-Mart and the Kroc Center.

"A mix of housing for a variety of different people," Kristan Sanchez with GRAEF said. "Multi generational housing, smaller housing, more bedrooms, less bedrooms, ownership, rental."

Rivera-Wagner said the emphasis so far has been connecting the new site to the rest of the city.

"We are trying to take a part of the city that was designed generations ago, that often is somewhat enclosed and separated from the rest of the city and some of the incredible amenities we have," Rivera-Wagner said.

Public reception so far has been positive.

City staff hopes to have construction for the recreational features started by early 2024. They expect building for housing units to be underway by 2025.

Brady Meyer - Reporter, FOX11 News Green Bay