GRAEF Announces Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council Webpage

GRAEF is proud to announce the recent launch of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (DEIC) webpage on our GRAEF website.

The DEIC was formed in the summer of 2020 to accept the challenge of shaping a culture that models inclusion and embraces diversity in all its forms. The web page will be a destination to share, track and celebrate our DEIC efforts at GRAEF.


“We are on a progressive journey towards real change, action, and accountability,” said John Kissinger, GRAEF President and CEO.


The council is a close partner to leadership at GRAEF, a driver of courageous conversations, a believer in "comfort with discomfort" and an innovator looking to continuously improve GRAEF's impact on the workforce, workplace and marketplace.


“Over the last year, GRAEF has been diligent in fostering a DEIC strategy and beginning implementation,” said Tammy Pearce, Diversity Equity Inclusion Council Chair. “Our early success stems from sincere support from our CEO and leadership team. We have been empowered to enact on real change within our firm and hopefully our industry,” she added.  

We hope you will follow along and learn about our DEIC mission and the progress we strive to accomplish at GRAEF.