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City Deck Waterfront Boardwalk and Fox River Trail Connection

The City Deck is a public waterfront gathering space developed by the City of Green Bay along the Fox River. GRAEF was retained to provide the structural engineering for this unique recreation and leisure time facility which spans four city blocks in the downtown, running from Walnut Street to Main Street.

The project was created as an active urban boardwalk directly along the river’s edge. It features a series of open areas with benches, transient dock space, fishing piers, and overlooks that offer direct physical and visual access to the river. These activities are reinforced by pedestrian pathways, a continuation of the Fox River Trail, lawn areas, and gathering spaces.

GRAEF provided structural engineering for the boardwalk. The deck system is primarily comprised of a system of wooden structures supported on steel piles within the River. The overall concept, which is being developed in phases, includes four primary platforms that extend up to 50 feet over the river. The actual wood decking is “ipe,” a dense and very durable tropical wood species selected to withstand the elements.

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