Blue Cay

Blue Cay

Coastal Design and Engineering, a GRAEF company (CDE), was selected to design, permit and manage the construction for the coastal and marine infrastructure components of a 14.5-acre waterfront development. The project included a 870 ft long and 85ft wide canal, a recreational beach stabilized by coastal structures, waterfront facilities and upland grading for 16 residential properties. The project also involved the design of dock structures along the canal at each property. The high-end residential development is focused around the canal and ocean waterfront with each lot provided an individual dock for a unique, highly functional and visually appealing yacht friendly community. Coastal/marine infrastructure includes a recreational beach, stabilized by groynes and piers with boardwalks and docks for boat access.


Key Project Elements:

• Waterfront Facilities (Boardwalks, Docks and Moorings)
• Dredging Design and Sediment Management
• Numerical Modeling for Flushing and Water Quality
• Dock Planning and Vessel Mooring Layout
• Sand Stabilizing Piers with Boardwalks and Docks
• Recreational Beach Design
• Storm Assessment to Establish Upland Development
• Upland Grading and Property Terrace Design
• Canal Entrance Perimeter Treatment
• Regulatory Permitting
• Estimation of Quantities, Costs and Construction
• Environmental Mapping and Impact Assessment

Construction Phase Services:
• Construction Plans and Specifications
• Construction Bidding and Contracting
• Construction Monitoring and Administration
• Leadership of Progress Meetings
• Environmental Monitoring
• Construction, Observation Inspection and Closeout

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Jim Hansen

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