Creating a Culture of Recognition and Employee Appreciation

At GRAEF, we cherish our core values and principles, and acknowledging exceptional contributions is ingrained in our culture. The BeingGRAEF Award recognizes individuals who embody our four core values: Loyalty, Service, Integrity, and Quality, along with our eight fundamentals: Be positive; Take responsibility; Create a positive employee experience; Act with integrity; Make money; Do what’s best for the client; Set and ask for expectations; and Listen generously.

Open to all team members, this monthly award celebrates those who exemplify our values. Nominations can come from anyone within the organization and each nominee receive a small token of appreciation.  However, supervisors cannot nominate members of their team, and vice-versa. It is intended to be peer-to-peer recognition.

At the end of every quarter, the President personally reviews the monthly nominees and selects the winner. This award not only fosters a culture of recognition but also inspires others to strive for excellence.

GRAEF is committed to creating an environment where employees feel appreciated for their efforts and are recognized for their dedication and integrity.