Alex Motl Named 2023 Daily Reporter Women In Construction Recipient

There’s a group of people who work behind the scenes to keep you safe on the roads.

Traffic engineers play a pivotal role in improving traffic flow, mitigating congestion and optimizing transportation systems to serve the needs of communities.

In Wisconsin, one of the people working to accomplish this is Alex Motl, a traffic engineer at GRAEF’s Milwaukee office. Renowned for her expertise and adept problem-solving skills, the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of effective and sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Some of the notable projects that Motl has been a part of include North Avenue in Wauwatosa, State Highway 190, roadways within the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus, and the highly visible Brady Street Pedestrian Safety study.

Part of what Motl enjoys most about her job is seeing the final project — a tangible roadway or structure that she can point to.

“I also like the variety, and I like that it has a direct impact on my community and the people who live here.”

Outside of work, Motl enjoys taking part in all of the summer and fall activities that Milwaukee has to offer, including festivals, fairs and the lakefront.