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Stephanie Hacker AICP, LEED AP

Practice Area Leader - Planning + Urban Design, Senior Planner

Let's make our paradise. Let’s preserve our heritage while enhancing our story. Let’s build it, make it, do it right the first time, so we waste less and instill resilience more. The best is yet to come for our multivalent work. I’m working with a team of seven planners and urban designers in Chicago, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee to proactively deliver solutions alongside our clients and partners. We’re learning, laughing, collaborating and working hard to change the world — sustainably — for the better.

Fun Fact: I’m a synesthete. Ask me for the colors in your name.

View Stephanie's Projects


Ashwaubenon TID 5 Master Plan


Waukesha Central City Master Plan


Waterfront Development & Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan


Transform Milwaukee Strategic Action Plan

thomas street header

Thomas Street Corridor Master Plan

St Francis Header

St. Francis Active Urban Corridor Planning and Implementation