Schreiber Foods Home Office

As Schreiber Foods looked to build a new corporate headquarters and global technology center, GRAEF teamed with HGA Architects and Engineers to provide site/civil engineering services. Located in downtown Green Bay, this 250,000-square-foot building sits on a 9.2-acre site and serves as the international home office for production and distribution facilities across the world.

The site is located on the footprint of a former downtown retail mall, originally built on caissons over contaminated and poor bearing soils. The team coordinated with the City, who was responsible for demolition of the mall, to retain the caissons and use them for the new building construction. Some contaminated soils still required removal and landfilling, and the team coordinated extensively with the City’s environmental consultant to manage those soils during construction.

The new main entry area and drop-off drive, along with the landscaped pedestrian mall, required an integrated design with the new street being designed by the City. Initial design of the roadway layout, profile, and pedestrian areas were completed by the team, in conjunction with City engineering staff, before City engineering staff took over to finalize the street design. The pedestrian mall included several small biofilters treating driveway and parking stall runoff, intertwined with walking paths. A distinct, natural limestone block edge with access points defined the public street sidewalk from the softer greenspace interior.

The new service drive and loading/receiving dock was oriented between two city parking ramps. Vehicle movement modeling was done to confirm vehicle access and a large biofilter was incorporated to treat the storm water runoff. Separated from the hardscape areas is an interior landscaped courtyard nestled between one of the existing parking ramps and the new building. This courtyard has seating areas and landscaping to provide a respite for lunch and break time for staff.

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Project Data

250,000 square feet
9.2 acre site


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Skalecki Pat Cropped

Pat Skalecki

Office Leader - Green Bay