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Kiel Well No. 5 and Pump House

One of the projects identified in the City’s 300 acre tax incremental district (TID) No. 3. plan was to add a water supply well.  GRAEF, who had helped develop the TID, searched the district for a suitable site. GRAEF was retained to develop a minimum 600 gallons per minute (gpm) groundwater well.  Subsequently, GRAEF was hired to construct the final 16-inch well that went 410 feet deep.  The well was pumped at an estimated 3000 GPM during construction. The final well was test pumped at 1200gpm for time period of twenty-four hours.

Later that year, GRAEF design staff prepared layouts for the pump house.  Because the potential well house was located mid-block of a new subdivision, the City of Kiel decided to alter the facility’s exterior to blend into a residential neighborhood.  It features a brick façade, a two car garage, false windows, and hidden generator vents.  The well house is a 1400 square foot ranch style home, approximately 30 feet by 70 feet in size.  The following rooms are included:  well pumping room, chemical storage and pumping room, stand-by generator room, mechanical room, and storage room. The two car garage is intended as a storage area for distribution piping and houses valves for system operation and repair.

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