Karyn Erickson PE, DCE

Office Leader - Sarasota, Turks and Caicos

Karyn brings over 30 years of engineering experience in applied coastal and estuarine engineering with a focus on solving coastal problems. Karyn has played the role of Project Manager on more than 75 Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) in the Caribbean and United States. Passionate about the future of the industry and state of the coast, Karyn serves as a Chair of the ASCE’s COS Awards Committee responsible for the Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award and ASCE’s Jim Roberts award. She has also been involved in board roles for the Academy of Coastal, Port and Navigation Engineers, Civil Engineering Certification Inc., the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Coastal Engineering Research Needs, and the State of Florida Coastal Engineering Technical Advisory Committee. Karyn has also authored over two dozen published articles.

Fun Fact: I grow fruit trees!

Karyn Erickson PE  DCE is registered in FL, NC, SC, AL, LA