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A vibrant, new heart of the community. A place for residents to gather, live, shop, recreate, and socialize.

GRAEF is providing limited planning services and full design phase services for the long-planned Village Center, an area of over 80 acres of developable land. The project began with feasibility studies over a decade ago and reached implementation in 2013. The first phase included the central 20 acres for the Village Square. GRAEF provided a limited planning phase services with a traffic study for the immediate and full-build out scenarios and a planning level review of the modified development layout and roadways sections. GRAEF’s full design phase services included preliminary layout and design of all roadways and utilities for the full build-out condition, detailed design and preparation of bidding/construction documents for Phase I construction, and permit coordination and application for the Phase I construction scope. Challenges included the presence of on-site wetlands that would be impacted, coordination with Brown County due to the abutting highways, conversion of an existing regional dry detention basing to a wet basin, and meeting a very aggressive schedule.

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Pat Skalecki

Office Leader - Green Bay

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