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Bryant Stempski PE, SI

Market Team Leader - Healthcare, Senior Structural Engineer

Do it right and help others. My parents helped instill a principle in me to care about my work and to do my best. My professional role is to use my gifts of design and engineering to help clients and colleagues to bring projects to life. While doing this, remaining humble is important to me because projects come together with a team effort.

Fun Fact: Using my mountaineer ax, I chopped my way through the 80s and 90s. During my youth I performed in various folk dancing events at Polish Fest, Holiday Folk Fair, community events and even on TV in Chicago. A fan favorite, The Mountaineer, is a dance that includes stunts like quick over-the-ax jumping.

Bryant Stempski PE is registered in FL, WI. Bryant Stempski SI is registered in FL. 

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Alachua County Correctional Facility HVAC and Roof Replacement