Ashwaubenon TID 5 Master Plan

This Master Plan provides a vision on phased development in Tax Incremental District 5 (TID 5) over a 20-year period. Throughout 2015, the Master Plan project team (Village staff and consultant partner) worked to delineate market-driven implementation scenarios that could be phased in concert with developers and investors.

To do this, the team reviewed past market studies and interviewed brokers, property owners, and business owners about their business goals and intentions over the next 20 years. These interviews informed the design concepts, and drove scenarios for development. Each scenario offers a different starting point, but all scenarios point to the same endstate of a vibrant, multi-story, mixed-use neighborhood that transforms this subarea within Ashwaubenon.

The plan examines:

  1. How the existing market shapes the current, and possible future, retail landscape in the TID 5 area;
  2. What TID 5 should look like in 20 years; and
  3. Where investing in infrastructure and improvements could prove to be the most lucrative—for both the Village and private sector partners.

Highlights of this plan are:

  • Market Shifts and Trends: The Titletown Message
  • Visioning: A Contemporary Thriving Neighborhood
  • Implementation: Tandem Infrastructure

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